Roll Out the Red Carpet - Oscars 2016

11:17 AM

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I love films (examples here and here). I used to throw an Oscar's party at home by myself - true story! I love following the press, interviews, and awards shows leading up to it. And I adore the red carpet! When the Oscar's began, I would tune in eagerly with my ballot to see if my predictions were correct. It's always been a dream of mine to attend a red carpet event for the Oscar's. And how fitting it is that the same year I launched Unapologetically Pam would be the year that dream became a reality.

This Sunday, I had the privilege to attend the Chicago Oscar Party, hosted by Stage 18 and Creative Cypher. The night was filled with glamour, dancing, trivia, drinks, laughter, and, of course, the Oscar's (the entire building erupted when Leo won. Yeeeaaaaaaahhhhh!!! #abouttime). My Honey Dip was my date (of course) and it was so great to meet so many fellow creatives. 

Every creative type could be found there: artists, rappers, musicians, actors, producers, entrepreneurs, students, CEO's, the works. Rubbing shoulders with these elites ignited my fire and ambition even more to keep pursuing my dreams.

Honestly, I meant to take more pictures. DeMico and I even started vlogging on the way there, with the intention of recording the evening. But, when we got there, I just wanted to savor the moment. We got so caught up in inspiring conversations and enjoying the evening, that I didn't even think about my camera after the first 10 minutes. That's when you know the event is good!

Here are the photos I did manage to get. Hope you enjoy this little photo diary!

Make-up complete! Many thanks to Melanie from Mattes & Metallics and DeAndrea from A Sister's Crown for the makeup inspo!
Eyes: BH Cosmetics Day to Night Pallette, Elf Liquid Liner, Lashes: ICE 079
Brows: L.A. Colors Brow Pencil, New York Color Brow Kit
Face: L'Oreal True Match and Cover Girl Queen Collection, Blush - Wet n Wild Berry Shimmer 834E
Before the event (with a furry little photo bomber lol)

Babe looking dapper as well! He is always the best date *insert heart eye emojis here*
Dress: Pink Stones (This is a local Chicago boutique. Many thanks to Nancy at Pink Stones for all of your help and customer service!)

I have to say thank you once again to Creative Cypher and Stage 18. They definitely know how to throw a party! For any content creators here in Chicago, be sure to check out their websites and get connected.

And yes, I ended the night with french fries hahahaha.

Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. You look fabulous!
    The event sounds magical, I hope you enjoyed yourself.

    Chloe |

    1. Thank you beautiful! It was such a great event. Love your blog, btw! <3

  2. Hi Pam! I love your blog and would love to collaborate with you! I work in Talent Relations for Pollinate Media and would love to talk to you! We've become the industry leading influencer blogger agency that provides bloggers the opportunity to work with leading brands by sharing personal and authentic stories about their products. We are excited about the vibrant community that we’ve created, and I think your blog may be a great fit for our community. Please email me if you are interested at

    1. Thanks Julie! I'll be sure to check out Pollinate :)


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