Life is Full

Have you ever had one of those days (read: weeks/months/years) where life just seems to be running 100 mph? Your calendar is full, things keep popping up, you haven't called your family in over a week, dinner is on the stove, but you forgot to send that amazon package and now the dryer just went off alerting you that your clothes are done?

In those moments, I am tempted to say, "I'm just so busy." But a few years ago, an old friend encouraged me to shift my mindset. They told me:

Instead of saying "I'm busy," try saying, "Life is full."

Our words matter so much. When I say, "I'm busy," that often translates to antsy/anxious energy in my body. But, when I say, "Life is full" and especially when I say, "Life is full of things I love," I feel peaceful. I feel hopeful. I feel excited. I feel joy.

The next time you're catching up with a friend or a family member and they ask how you've been, instead of talking about how busy you've been, consider saying:

Life is FULL of things I love.

I hope that in doing so, you are reminded of how worthwhile all that you're doing in life really is.

PS - My life is definitely full of things I love right now.

1. My Love

2. My Work

3. My Band

4. My Writing


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