Press Release: Seasons (I'll Be Seeing You)

Pam R. Johnson Davis' poetry debut rated 5 stars by Readers' Favorite

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Author's new book receives a warm literary welcome.

Readers' Favorite announces the review of the Poetry - Inspirational book "Seasons (I'll Be Seeing You)" by Pam R. Johnson Davis, currently available at

Readers' Favorite is one of the largest book review and award contest sites on the Internet. They have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins, and have received the "Best Websites for Authors" and "Honoring Excellence" awards from the Association of Independent Authors. They are also fully accredited by the BBB (A+ rating), which is a rarity among Book Review and Book Award Contest companies.

"Reviewed By Karen Walpole for Readers' Favorite

In Pam R. Johnson Davis’s book of poetry, Seasons (I’ll Be Seeing You), her poems follow seven years in her life in which she experiences heartbreak, healing, and redemption. Following a broken relationship, she experiences grief and depression which are beautifully represented in poems like “Descent” and “Worthless”. As she started to recover, Davis wrote poetry that expresses a mixture of painful learning and glimmers of hope. In the poem Oblivion, she writes about her efforts to recover: “I climb up and up, and down I go, adding to my wounds”. The last section of the book presents powerful and timely poems about being an African American. The message that you cannot know or understand unless you are actually black in America is clear and compelling. The last poem of the book, “That Girl”, changes “That girl” at the beginning to “This girl” at the end, representing the transformation from who she was to who she has become.

The poems in Seasons (I’ll Be Seeing You) by Pam R. Johnson Davis capture the very raw pain of loss, the transition to healing, and the uplifting joy that comes from surviving a difficult human experience and finding love again. The poems bravely and openly share pain and healing that is simultaneously extremely personal and universal. I found the repetition of words or phrases particularly powerful like the word “still” in “Are You There” and “mess made” in “The Mess I Made”. Some of the repetition seemed to symbolize the repeated efforts to come back and recover. I was moved by the poems in the last section of the book. In today’s America, the poems about being black could not be more timely. Beautifully written, Davis’s words remind us of how impossible it is to understand someone else’s experience and of how far we still need to go."

You can learn more about Pam R. Johnson Davis and "Seasons (I'll Be Seeing You)" at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

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My New Book is Out!

My dear friends,

I am delighted to share that I published a book!


Yes indeed! Since I re-branded as Unapologetically Pam in 2016, many of my readers have suggested I write a book. I always said, "Some day" without really having a plan in place for when that 'some day' would be. But privately, I have been writing poems since 2013 when I first began the painful metamorphosis of becoming myself, unapologetically. I have blogged many times about the toll that divorce, homelessness, and hopelessness had on me. But the poems were only for my eyes. They were too raw, too vulnerable, too dark to share with anyone. So I collected them. From 2013 to 2020, I wrote my pain and anguish...I wrote every time depression tried to take me out. I wrote every time I doubted myself or drowned in self-loathing. I wrote every time I turned on the news and saw that another innocent black person was murdered. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote, with the intention of these poems never seeing the light of day.

But the Light has come friends! And it is shining bright. I'm so honored to be able to release these poems into the universe. And don't worry - there's so much more to this story than pain. There is also joy, hope, and healing. I like to view this as my soul in a book. It is raw, deep, and absolutely beautiful.

Thank you in advance to anyone who buys and shares my book (my book yall! I still can't believe it!). My heart is so full of gratitude for each and every one of you.

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