Three Months Later

It's our three month anniversary, yall!

Yes, it's been three months since the release of No Unpaid Passengers!!! And wow what a ride it has been. 

I believe there is power in pause: the ability to be still for a moment, to celebrate, to reflect, to step back and see the good. The release of this book has been a really monumental moment in my life. I don't want to miss the chance to reflect on all that has happened in the last three months. So here goes:

Three Months Later 

1. No Unpaid Passengers was on the Amazon Bestsellers List for 30 days straight, including:

• #1 New Release in Black & African-American Poetry
• #3 New Release in American Poetry
• #7 New Release in Women's Poetry Worldwide
• #12 New Release in Poetry Worldwide
• #16 Best Seller in Black & African-American Poetry

2. The announcement of my second book was published by TWO HUNDRED AND ONE websites, including Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, Digital Journal, The Daily Herald, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and several international outlets in India, Thailand, and Indonesia!

3. The CHICAGO TRIBUNE did a story on No Unpaid Passengers! *pinch me because I still canNOT believe this happened to meeeee*

4. No Unpaid Passengers received 5 stars across the board on all critics reviews! As a writer, critics reviews are super valuable in a number of ways. They boost legitimacy and can lead to improved rankings and sales. Many thanks to the writers, poets, and reviewers at Readers Favorite and Literary Titan for giving my work love!

5. I went on an 8-Stop Book Tour! Each of these stops were in collaboration with organizations that have incredible missions. We were able to use art to serve the community over and over and over again. I still cannot believe it. This fall, I have hugged so many folks, held many hands, and heard many stories. I, myself, have felt seen, heard, and held as well. Thank you to every single one of you for showing up. I'm so grateful!

6. No Unpaid Passengers won the Gold Book Award by Literary Titan in November 2022!!!

7. No Unpaid Passengers was named a Finalist for Best Poetry Anthology and Best Urban Poetry at the Best Book Awards!!!

8. No Unpaid Passengers was a fourth round finalist (out of hundreds of poetry books!) for the Best Indie Book Awards!!!

WHEEEEEW. Yall. Do you see what we've done in three months? What a wild, wild ride this has been. And it's not over yet! There are still more performances, more announcements, and more possibilities to come. I pray that I will be ready for it all. And I'm so thrilled you're on this journey with me.

Cheers to us, and cheers to No Unpaid Passengers, both the book and the motto to live by 🎉


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