Get Your Unapologetic Merch ♥

Friends, after toying around with the idea of launching my own merch line for a few years, I finally took the leap!

The "Unapologetic" Unisex Crewneck

Yes! The "UnapologeticallyPam" merch line here friends and I am ecstatic! You can purchase your items here or by clicking the "Shop" tab here on the blog!

Thank you all so much for your continued love & support of the important work of vulnerability, overcoming shame, and living in truth, unapologetically. I am eternally grateful! ♥



Our Second Award!

 I am so, so honored to share that Seasons (I'll Be Seeing You): A collection of poems about heartbreak, healing, and redemption has won the Gold Book Award through Literary Titan!

You can read the press release here and my author interview with them here, but I want to share some of the wonderful words that the reviewer who nominated my book for the award wrote after reading Seasons:

"Seasons: (I’ll Be Seeing You), by Pam R. Johnson Davis is an intense look at the author’s life experiences through poignant poems that are sometimes strikingly honest. While she forewarns readers about the dark places she sometimes visits with her work, there is a refreshing and uplifting side to her work as well. Readers will be taken on a beautiful ride of self-discovery through each of Davis’s poems. Her poems flow smoothly and easily off the tongue and make for lovely read alouds. Davis’s visual pauses are well-placed and serve to drive home the idea that she, and all of her readers, can overcome any obstacle.

I love poetry that pushes the limits and creates strong feelings. Davis’s work does that and more. The poems in Davis’s anthology have all the impact of the rising action and climax of a full-fledged novel. We, as readers, are afforded the opportunity to watch the poet build her way up from a truly dark place and reach again for the stars. I highly recommend Davis’s book of poetry to anyone looking for a quick relatable read or needing words of inspiration. Seasons: (I’ll Be Seeing You), by Pam R. Johnson is an emotionally charged collection of thought-provoking poetry."

Thank you so much to Literary Titan for this prestigious honor. I just keep getting my young mind blown and I'm grateful ♥


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