This. Is. Perfect.

She walked out the door into the beaming sun. The smell of freshly cut grass and newly planted flowers filled her nose. With excitement, she looked around to see if anyone else had noticed. She shouted, "Summer is here! It's amazing!" Her ecstatic shouts were met with stony silence. Why is no one else outside?

Determined to not allow that to ruin her mood, she ran out into the yard and somersaulted on to the grass. She rolled over on her back, closed her eyes and took a deep, satisfying breath.

This. Is. Perfect.

She opened her eyes once more to stare into the blinding sun. As she sat up, she looked around at her neighborhood. Every house was a different color but they all had lots of trinkets, wood chimes, garden gnomes, and more. Some would look at this and think "junk" whereas she saw "character." She was proud that her neighborhood was so unique.

Then he showed up. Her overly enthusiastic neighbor. She knew he liked her. But she just couldn't get into him. He ran over to the gate and yelled, "Hi there!"

Ugh...he always yelled. He was always too excited.

She rolled her eyes and mumbled a semi-polite, "Hi..."

She got up from her spot in the middle of the yard and began pacing. She looked around and suddenly everything seemed grey. The grass was not so soft. The flowers were wilting.

Her neighbor began pacing in the same way she was, all the while keeping his eyes on hers.

"Stop that!" She yelled at him, annoyed once again.

"Why?" He said back with a sheepish grin on his face. He knew how much it irritated her when he followed or mimicked her. But he just couldn't help it.

She decided to just ignore him. She bent back down to smell the grass in an attempt to revive the feelings she had when she first came outside.

"Hey, what ya doin'? Can I do it too?" He asked from over the fence.

Ignore him...just ignore him, she said to herself as she breathed deeper. She closed her eyes and sighed reluctantly. The grass was still alive, breathing and beautiful. Yet, as she looked up at the sun, it had somehow lost its luster. And now all she wanted to do was go inside and play with her toys.

Her mom came out and whistled to her, "It's time to come inside!"

Her tail wagged with joy at the sight of her mother. Finally! Get me away from this dog next door!

She ran as fast as her four legs could carry her up the stairs. She jumped on her mom's legs. Her mom let out a soft laugh and looked at her with joy and love as she bent down to pet her. The sun seemed brighter again. Summer is back! But this time, she decided to enjoy it from the living room window as her mom opened the door and let her run back inside.

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