Superhero: A Recap

So, there's been LOTS of hype around the new Batman movie, and while it is outstanding, I would not DARE go so far as to say "best superhero movie" of all time. Which got me thinking, what are my top picks? Well kiddos, here's my list. And obviously you don't have to agree, but here's my take on the Superheroes:

1) The Dark Knight and The Avengers - That's right, a TIE! These two movies were perfect in my opinion, 10/10 for both. The Dark Knight perfected emotions and action while The Avengers perfected comedy, action, and fantasy (and HOTNESS, geez!). They are the end all, be all of superhero movies for me. I'm not sure if any superhero movie will ever top them, but that's not to say that there won't be any FABULOUS movies to come in the future.

2) The Incredibles - YES, I did include an animated film on this list. But it's just so DAGGUM good! I still get chills whenever I watch it. The characters are wonderfully developed and portrayed, the comedy is good, the action is good. I seriously love this movie. While some may believe it doesn't "belong" on this list, I say forget that! I love this movie, and it's on MY list!

3) Transformers - Oh, SNAP, I loooove this movie so much! Shia LeBeouf, YES! I laughed, I cried (well, almost, when I thought they were going to kill Bumblebee). This is just an  OUTSTANGING film, all around! So good, soooo good!

4) Iron Man - Yes, Tony Stark has my heart and won't let it go. I remember being so moved by this movie, by it's raw emotion, comedy, and the thrills of this, for many, this new superhero. Well, new to the big screen, that is. Robert Downey Jr. outdid himself on this one, ladies and gents. He is Tony Stark Iron Man.

5) The Dark Knight Rises - Tremendous film, I commend Christopher Nolan and the cast and crew for just an outstanding film. And the ending, OMG! I was screaming in the theater lol!

6) Iron Man 2 - No extra details here, again, Tony Stark has my heart.

7) Thor - I tell you, there's just something about that Chris Hemsworth! Man, oh man! I loved this movie SO much. But, also, let me note that I love Greek mythology (so this was fun for me to thumb through my Edith Hamilton book to get the details on the actual mythological characters). In addition to this, I looove Kenneth Branaugh's work. When I heard he was directing this, I was so excited and it did not disappoint.

8) Batman Begins - 1st installment of Nolan's trilogy makes it 8th on my list, very enjoyable movie!

9) Captain America - This movie was just so fun. I'm a big Hugo Weaving fan, he's such a delicious, villainous character. I love to see him play the bad guy, he does it so well!

10) The Indredible Hulk - Fun, awesome films!

Honorable Mention: So, I'm pretty sure that V for Vendetta isn't a "superhero" film, per se, but it is certainly heroic! If I could put this movie on my list, it would be probably #2 or 3. Seriously, one of my favorite films of all time. The main character, "V" is just amazing. And a serious butt-kicker! Love it!

That's it, folks! Thanks for reading :)

Series of Thankfulness: AGS

Where to begin...I mean wow. AGS has been a part of my life since the summer of 2004 when my big brother Perry (yay Peej!) went there for Instrumental Music. From spending a good amount of time visiting there, I knew I wanted to come. And the following summer, I went there for Drama. AGS helped me through a dark and difficult time in my youth. The freedom and the awakening was beautiful. And I knew I wanted to help recreate that experience for others. The following summer, in 2006, my brother was back there helping with the gospel choir and I tagged along in spirit. Then, in 2007, my time of working there began.

For six glorious summers, I served as gospel choir director for AGS. Meeting amazing students, singing, worshiping...seriously, some of the best experiences of my life. In addition to the choir, I filled MANY other roles, Resident Assistant, Office Assistant, Music Room Monitor...and whatever else was requested of me. It has been an absolute pleasure working with my colleagues at AGS. I seriously canNOT think of a better way to spend my summers since 2004. In fact, now that I'm in Chi-town, I have NO idea what I'll do with my summers lol. But, I know God has a way of working these things out, and I'm excited to for this journey :)

It has truly been a glorious time indeed at AGS! I seriously can't imagine my life without it. A blessing and an all-around fabulous learning experience that I wouldn't trade for anything :)

Series of Thankfulness: Workin' Hard for the Money

Part  of my Series of Thankfulness is focused on work. I feel that I have been really fortunate in my jobs, specifically at US Pizza and Mosaic Templars Cultural Center. I'll talk about AGS in another post :)

US Pizza was sort of a surprise for me. I hadn't really planned on waiting tables, I simply saw a now hiring sign outside of the new restaurant in Conway and went in. I was interviewed on the spot and left with a job. DJ eventually worked there as well. The owners, Hunter and Esther, are great people. It was an honor working with them and seeing how passionate they were about the restaurant and their customers. My co-workers were PHENOMENAL. I remember when I got sick and had surgery, they sent me a huge card, they checked on me all the time. It's the way that people make you feel, that's what you remember. And my regular customers (some of whom I still see when I get the chance to drop in US Pizza) and my co-workers were the best. I had a very enjoyable year there.

Now, on to Mosaic Templars. Wow, what an experience! I never would have guessed that I would end up working at a museum, teaching African American history, but I am so glad that I did. God really blessed me to work with some amazing women who literally changed my life. It was so awesome to be able to talk about life with other married, Christian women! Rachel, Jennelle, Key, and can't leave out El, you're all AMAZING! I love you ladies so much. I loved being able to inspire young people to reach for the stars, to relate to older African Americans who fought in the struggle for equality and lived the history I taught. Words just can't express my gratitude and how much I'll miss being there.

Stay tuned for the next part :)

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