Series of Thankfulness: Workin' Hard for the Money

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Part  of my Series of Thankfulness is focused on work. I feel that I have been really fortunate in my jobs, specifically at US Pizza and Mosaic Templars Cultural Center. I'll talk about AGS in another post :)

US Pizza was sort of a surprise for me. I hadn't really planned on waiting tables, I simply saw a now hiring sign outside of the new restaurant in Conway and went in. I was interviewed on the spot and left with a job. DJ eventually worked there as well. The owners, Hunter and Esther, are great people. It was an honor working with them and seeing how passionate they were about the restaurant and their customers. My co-workers were PHENOMENAL. I remember when I got sick and had surgery, they sent me a huge card, they checked on me all the time. It's the way that people make you feel, that's what you remember. And my regular customers (some of whom I still see when I get the chance to drop in US Pizza) and my co-workers were the best. I had a very enjoyable year there.

Now, on to Mosaic Templars. Wow, what an experience! I never would have guessed that I would end up working at a museum, teaching African American history, but I am so glad that I did. God really blessed me to work with some amazing women who literally changed my life. It was so awesome to be able to talk about life with other married, Christian women! Rachel, Jennelle, Key, and can't leave out El, you're all AMAZING! I love you ladies so much. I loved being able to inspire young people to reach for the stars, to relate to older African Americans who fought in the struggle for equality and lived the history I taught. Words just can't express my gratitude and how much I'll miss being there.

Stay tuned for the next part :)

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