Sleep, Soup, Sex

Our bodies are truly amazing. I'm not sure that we as a society really take the time to appreciate the genius of the human body. Instead, we are constantly bombarded by media telling us how we can be better:

• Drink this detox tea to lose weight fast!
• Do this exercise to get your "revenge body!"
• Here's how to go from "flat" ass to "fat" ass in 4 easy steps!
• Acne? No problem! Put this acid on your face to make it alllll go away!
• Want bouncy hair? This aerosol spray will do the trick! All while eating away at our ozone layer, get yours today!

On and on and on. And while there is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best version of yourself, I don't always hear about ways we can tap into the gifts that our bodies are already giving us or trying to tell us about. Have you noticed that your body will tell you (loudly sometimes) that it's hungry? Or horny? Or tired? Or just feeling off-kilter? For example, last month I did #DressedJanuary because my body and brain were telling me that I was in a funk.

One of my fav outfits from #DressedJanuary - this purple set is so cute!

This month is starting off a little differently....with a migraine. Yup, I've had a migraine for 3 days. And there's no better time to tune into your body than when you're experiencing pain. Pain teaches us so much. It forces us to slow down. To be intentional about our actions. Pain can sometimes bring us closer to better hearing our bodies. Truthfully, our bodies are always speaking to us, but we don't always hear it in the hustle and bustle of life. I'm a person who has a history of dissociating from my body - I spent many years ignoring signals of pain or hunger or hurt because I was in denial about my trauma history. But it had permeated every part of my life - from eating disorders to body dysmorphia. It has taken me a lot of time in therapy to reconnect with my body. This is why, in a strange way, when my migraine started last Friday, as I worked through the pain, I felt another surprising sensation: gratitude.

Our bodies are speaking, always. Your body will tell you what it needs, be it sleep, soup, sex, or anything in between. Let's take time to listen.

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