Fall Book Tour

My friends, it has been an absolute whirlwind of adventure since the release of No Unpaid Passengers. From the first 5-star critics reviews of my book to an article in the Chicago Tribune (pinch me!) to many of you sharing photographs after getting your copies in the mail. I am in disbelief that this little book of spells and train rides is out in the world.

And what a ride it's taking me on. There are days where I don't know how I'm keeping up with all of the requests and messages in front of me and then there are days of complete stillness where I wonder if I'm doing enough, if my work is enough, if I am enough.

Well, today is one of those days where I know I'm doing not only enough, but perhaps the most, because I'm going on a book tour!

*cue the airhorns* AHHHHHH!!!!!!

Yall. I'm screaming. There's no other way to put it. I'm screaming! I am so excited to share space with you all this fall. I get goosebumps when I think of the causes I'll get to support (deets below). I'm honored about the organizations that have believed in me enough to have me at their events to perform. I'm thrilled about the hands that will hold No Unpaid Passengers. I'm emotional about the poems that will resonate. I'm humbled that any of this is happening to me at all. I'm so grateful!

Get tickets below:
*Please note the date change for WNDR to November 19th rather than the 12th.
● October 5th 5-8pm Midwest Coast Brewing - fundraiser for Chicago Jobs Council, a nonprofit organization working to create an anti-racist workforce development system and employment equity so that everyone can realize their unique pathway out of poverty
● October 7th-9th Raleigh Film & Arts Festival - screening of "The Tree and The Hummingbird" a poem originally written for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and included in No Unpaid Passengers
● October 12th Pinot & Poetry - virtual celebration and live reading of the release of No Unpaid Passengers on IG Live at 6 CT! Follow me here so you don't miss it ♥
● October 20th Caring for Her: State of Black Women & Girls Mental Health in Chicago - Join us for an in-depth discussion featuring inspiring women leading and creating bold mental health solutions for Black women and Girls
● October 22nd WNDR Museum - a celebration of the visual arts with music & poetry. We'll be performing from 1-4!
● November 2nd Brookie's Corner - author's conversation on why we write, how our poetry came to life, and enjoying the process along the way. Happening on Instagram Live at 6 CT/7ET.
● November 19th WNDR Museum - so nice, we're doing it twice 🥰 1-4 p.m.
● December 17th A Very Real Holiday - holiday music, poetry, and real talk for the many of us who's holidays look a little different from the hallmark cards. Live at WNDR from 1-4 p.m.

See you soon, beloveds.


Welcome September

Welcome September
with your promises
of new things
and new beginnings;

The breeze
breathing new life
onto my summer-soaked skin,

the color of maple
and honey
and mulled wine;

Welcome September,
month of birth and life.
You smell of home.


I absolutely love the month of September. Not only is it my birth month, but it feels like it signifies new beginnings.  The seasons are preparing to change. Colors change in nature all around us. September feels like home. I pray that you all feel joy, safety, and love this month and always.


Award-Winning Poet and Author Pam R. Johnson Davis Releases Sophomore Poetry Anthology

Author Pam R. Johnson Davis Releases “No Unpaid Passengers”

Chicago, IL - Sept. 1, 2022Award-winning indie author and poet, Pam R. Johnson Davis, announced the release of her newest book, “No Unpaid Passengers.” The eagerly awaited publication is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle edition.

Everyone has moments in their life they’d rather not contemplate. Johnson Davis addresses that issue head on through the lens of her own life. She takes readers on a journey of self-discovery and what it means to ‘choose yourself.’ Individuals will accompany the author as she moves through her life’s memories. Johnson Davis explores themes encompassing childhood trauma, divorce, Blackness, church politics and more through her collection of heartfelt poems.

“No Unpaid Passengers” is an awakening for readers, helping them understand and lose the toxic elements in their life through the lens of Johnson Davis’s own story. She asks the question, “What does it mean to truly live the decision to choose yourself?” as she sheds the people, places and things that have been extra baggage along the way.

Johnson Davis writes unapologetically, with passion, clarity and a healing touch. She always seeks to explore, understand and uplift women on their own journey of wellness and healing.

Johnson Davis’s first book, “Seasons (I’ll Be Seeing You): A collection of poems about heartbreak, healing, and redemption” debuted in the No. 1 spot for new releases in African American Poetry and Women’s Poetry Worldwide on Amazon. It’s a position the book held on the Amazon best-sellers list for several weeks in 2020. The author and her book have won a long list of prestigious awards.

“No Unpaid Passengers” is an emotional and freeing experience that gives women permission to be themselves, find their center, and eliminate the baggage that they all carry. The book is a life affirming tribute to self-care and healing of the mind and spirit.

The book is available on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle editions: https://a.co/d/c2Zsx5d 

About Pam R. Johnson Davis

Pam R. Johnson Davis is an award-winning writer, singer, historian, educator, TED Talk speaker, and originator of the “Unapologetically Pam” blog. She’s been named one of the 29 Black Bloggers Making a Statement and been featured in a variety of online literary and art publications. Her work has received the Best Urban Poetry Book Award, the Gold Book Award, and the Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal. Her R&B track, “Soul,” was named Track of the Month at Tracks Music Awards, Best American Roots Song at One Earth Awards, and her album “Call Home” received bronze medals for Best Emerging Artist and Best Lyrics/Songwriting at the Global Music Awards. Her work has also been chosen for two film festivals. 

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