You Are a Force

Recently, a woman came into my job. As I opened my mouth to speak to her, she said to me, "Wow, you are such a force! Like, you have an incredible presence. I was not expecting to be greeted with a spirit and presence like yours when I walked in here today." I was stunned as I murmured a thank you, and we moved quickly into a meeting. But her words have stayed with me, months later. 

You see, when she said that to me, I was feeling particularly broken. I've blogged openly about my life in the last few years here in Chicago, so you know part of my story. Sometimes, when I'm in a particularly low place mentally and spiritually, I'm just trying to make it from point A to point B, until I can get back home and hole up in my room, away from the world. This was one of those days. I was just trying to make it. Then, in walks this beautiful, vibrant woman who took one look at me and saw a kindred spirit. She saw something in me that I couldn't see for myself at the time:

My brokenness couldn't hide my strength.

Sometimes, we forget that we have power. Sometimes, we forget that we have presence. Sometimes, we forget that we have the potential to change the atmosphere.

Sometimes we forget that we are beautiful, smart, and cherished beyond belief.

Sometimes, we need to be reminded that we are capable. We are brilliant. We are strong. We are loved beyond measure.

So girlfriend, I hope you move through this week with power, and know that even when you don't feel it, you matter. You are worthy. You are a force 

Fully Present

"Wherever you are, be all there." - Jim Elliot

When I began my blogging break back in July of this year, it wasn't intentional. I didn't say to myself, "You know what, life is happening and I need some time away." The break happened naturally. I didn't necessarily need time away; I could have been blogging. But I chose not to. In fact, there were several times that I would start a blog post, only to drop it because the timing didn't feel right. On one hand this is because I experienced some life transitions (which I'll talk about below). On the other hand, I also had some thinking to do about what I want this blog to be (which I'll also talk about below). It is a platform that I don't take lightly, so I care about what I say, how I say it, and more importantly why I say it.  

What I did instead of blogging was give myself permission to be present in what was happening in my life at that moment. And what I learned along the way is that: 

Allowing yourself the chance to be fully present, even if it means stepping away from other things, is the best way to be unapologetically you. 

I had some incredible experiences over the last few months - from meditation retreats in the forest to fancy birthday dinners, I have been living! I have also been learning. And taking the time to not blog, to not try and instagram every beautiful moment, has allowed the moment to just be beautiful. And I needed that time. While I may not have been blogging these last few months, I never stopped writing. I never stopped gathering inspiration and wisdom, which I hope to share as I start posting again. Most importantly, during my break, I'm happy to say that I've been living my motto every. single. day. -"Becoming Myself, Unapologetically."

Life Transition
So, like I said, I've seen some changes in the last few months (all good things!). 

First, I got a new job back in April, and my work schedule changed in May, then again in August. My hours were doubled (yay for more money and more experience! nay for being too tired for anything else) then they went back to normal. This coincided with my academic pursuits to better understand leadership, human behavior, and transformational change. I am advancing my career, professionally and academically. I look forward to sharing more of what I learn here on this platform! Step by step, I keep getting closer and closer to becoming Dr. Pam - heyo!

Second, I moved! And I legit love my new home so much.

Third, I got siiiiick. Like, sick, in the hospital kinda sick. So, that took me out the game for most of September. I'm happy to report that I'm much better now, and I learned a lot through illness. Maybe I'll do a post on that, as well.

PSA - lots of things remain the same in life, though: I'm still head over heels in love with my incredible partner (hey baby, I know you're reading. Thank you for always supporting my dreams!), I still love football & basketball, I've still been watching all the movies (SO excited for Moana and Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them!!!!), I've read soooo many books, my family & friends are amazing. Some things don't change, and that's awesome ♥

Blog Transition
During my break, I also thought a lot about my blog. I think this is partially because my computer gave up the ghost and I lost a lot of potential content. But I'm happy this happened, as it helped me to really think about the future of Unapologetically Pam. I've talked before about how I refuse to align myself to any particular genre. However, I do want to align myself with purpose. The thing about being unapologetically you is that being all of yourself encompasses many categories - to me, I cannot be defined by one genre because the core of who I am, my true identity is composed of many different pieces. And I want to represent as many of those pieces as I can here on Unapologetically Pam. But one thing must remain true with each piece - becoming myself, unapologetically. And while becoming myself, I want to always ask with each post, "How does this help someone else?" 

I want there to be purpose behind each of my posts.

Essentially, from here on out, each and every post - whether on life tips, relationships, fashion, food, travel, whatever it may be - has to answer two questions for me: 1) In what way is this unapologetically me? And 2) How does this help another woman become unapologetically her?

This unfortunately means that there won't always be a new post - as I'm out here living my purpose and fighting for my own convictions and beliefs, sometimes there won't be time to write. But when I do write, please know that there will be substance behind it. And most importantly, there will be truth.

Happy to be back, loves! Looking forward to sharing more of the journey ☺

Rooftop Sunshine

Chicago rooftop parking lots are so great for pictures. The views are great, but there's not too many people around to bother you while you snap away.

Top: Target  |  Bottoms: Forever 21  |  Bag: Target  |  Jewelry: Forever 21 & Discovery  |  Cardigan: Target  |  Shoes: Payless

Just a quick word of wisdom before I go, remember this: there's always more than one way to get to a destination. Follow your own path to greatness.

Pam xoxo

Happy Birthday To Me!

A Poetic Letter to Me on my Birthday:

Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

You've grown up a lot haven't you?
You've seen a lot of life,
Its beauties and its pains...

Yet you never lost your laugh.
It is an honor to know you,
To be you.

I love you,
Without Resolve.

So, happy birthday to you. To me. Happy birthday, beautiful girl.

I love you, I do.
I do,
I do,
A thousand times,
I do.

Top: Actually a dress from Charlotte Russe  |  Skirt: Rainbow  |  Accessories: Discovery  |  Purse: Marshall's  |  Shoes: Target
I wore this little ensemble to a wedding recently. Honey Dip picked out the top and skirt, I put them together for a killer outfit :)

A Silent Prayer

8:13 A.M.

Do you hear, God?
The blood of my people cry out to you
as you did Abel?

Do you hear, God?
Centuries of black blood flowing in the streets...

Do you expect silent compliance,
a blind faith,
a stand still and wait for vengeance?

Are you there God?
For my future black babies.
For my brother.
For my husband.
For ME?

Are you there, God?
Do you hear, God?

10:13 A.M.
God, are you listening? 
Do you hear us? 
Me? My brothers? My sisters? 
Does your heart break with mine? 
Will you rise in action with us? 

Oh, God, do you hear?

3:13 P.M.
I am hurting.
I am tired.
How much more fight must we give?
How much more blood must we shed?

I fall into silent waiting.
The only sound is my heart beating, beating, beating.
But for how long?

How much longer does my heart, in all its blackness, have to beat?

Oh, God, do you hear that too?

A Dope Life in Reality vs. Instagram

Have you ever looked at someone's social media and been convinced that their life is so much cooler than yours? The pictures are always perfect, they seem to always be in exotic, beautiful locations. The sun is always shining. Their friends are always laughing with them. Their significant other stands by with a huge grin and look of love.

Everything is perfect.

I have a friend like this. Let's call the friend Tyler. From the look of Tyler's instagram, his life is everything he's ever imagined and more. He is shirtless on the beach, his beautiful lover standing smiling beside him in a bikini. He is on a rooftop deck, enjoying drinks with friends; he and his boys are all laughing as they raise their drinks high. In another picture, he's seen speaking in front of a group of young people. He looks dynamic in his speech, joyful at sharing his knowledge with them.

Everything is perfect.

But, I know Tyler. I work with Tyler. I saw him every single day for many years. I've seen him frustrated, angry at his position in life. Upset about the company he works for, as he watches others being elevated over him while he is told that he isn't doing enough. Yet he's there everyday, even when the others aren't. Yes, he comes in earlier than everyone else, brewing the coffee, setting the atmosphere for his colleagues. He is in every meeting, attentatively taking notes, constantly thinking of ways he can be better. He stays after to ask questions. He yearns to know more, yearns to become a better man. He is the first to come in and the last to leave when the job is done. Yet, he feels weak.

Everything is not perfect.

I've watched him battle depression. I've seen him battle his demons, sometimes taking them out on his own body. I've seen him volunteer for every new project enthusiastically. I've seen him angry at his co-workers who make comments like, "I'm not helping with that! That's your job!" as they sip their coffee while he works to complete task after task. I've seen him silently tolerate their jests, all in the hope that his boss would recognize his character, would see in him a man who is willing to give everything, all of himself to a job that he loves. And in return, the very co-worker who refused to help him receives the promotion, while Tyler fades further into the background.

Everything is not perfect.

But you would never know that, would you? Because the life Tyler projects on the outside is the only one that you're privy to see. Are you still envious?

Everything is not perfect.

I know this because Tyler knows this. I know this because I have been in Tyler's shoes.

At one point in my life, I would post pictures that looked like I was having a blast in my various endeavors. My marriage? Perfect. My calling? Perfect. My job? Perfect.

Everything was perfect.

Everything was not perfect...

I was unhappy. You would never know by looking at my statuses and photos. And this is understandable, some things are personal and should be kept private. However, there is a difference between privacy and a lie. I was living an instagram lie. I would use all the hashtags and caption that I was "living the best life" when in reality, I was going home crying. I was frustrated. I was angry. I was confused. I was hurt.

"There is a difference between privacy and a lie."

What's worse is that I felt like I needed to post those kinds of photos and statuses. I needed to convince everyone that my life was beautiful. I needed to convince everyone that I was fine from my divorce. I needed to convince everyone that my new relationship was legitimate. I needed to convince everyone that my calling was perfect, my job was perfect, my life was perfect. I needed to post the photos of me and my friends. I needed to post the photos of me speaking in front of a crowd. I needed to do it, if for no other reason, to convince myself that I was indeed happy. 

Everything was not perfect.

And then finally, revelation came. 

Creating a dope instagram life is not the same thing as living a dope life in reality.
Which one are you doing?

Enough. I finally found myself saying, "Enough." No more instagram lies. Only truth. 

In the last few months, I turned inward. I searched my heart. I searched my mind. I searched my body, my soul. Piece by piece, I began to free myself from the need to convince anyone that my life was beautiful.  

I don't need to prove that life is beautiful. It simply is. I found beauty in its purest of forms. And that beauty needs no convincing.

A few people have asked why I don't post as much on instagram or facebook. The simple answer is, I don't post as much about my life on social media anymore because I am out living it.

In truth. In love. In Him.


Crossing Bridges

We've all heard the phrase "I'll cross that bridge when I get to it." We have probably even used it ourselves at some point or another. There are times when this phrase is useful, because it allows us to focus on what's happening in the present rather than worrying about the distant future. Even more so, sometimes we don't even get to that bridge that caused us so much concern and anxiety.

But then again, sometimes we do get there...

And then, what happens when you get to that bridge? Do you turn and hide? Or do you take a deep breath, take the first step even though you're scared, and cross it? I prefer the latter.

The truth is, life happens and you won't always be ready for it. You won't always be certain of that bridge when it comes. Is it safe? Is it stable? Is it even the right bridge? And when I cross it, what's on the other side?

I've crossed many bridges. The bridge of healing from abuse. The bridge of separation. The bridge of divorce. The bridge of purpose. The bridge of trusting myself. The bridge of learning to love myself. Quite frankly, I saw so many bridges over the last five years that I was afraid my weary legs couldn't bear to cross another. And yet I did. And you can, too.

When challenges arise, it's tough to cross that bridge. But it's worth it. Especially when the view on the other side is like this one.

Once I crossed this bridge, I found a beautiful local art exhibit and gorgeous outdoor scenery.

Dress: Wet Seal  |  Shoes: H&M  |  Sunnies: Hollywood Blvd. in Cali

Whatever bridge you're facing right now, I encourage you to cross it. Do it scared, do it shaken, but do it, all the same.

Because sometimes, bridges are worth crossing.



Recently, Honey Dip and I went to see the Chicago Civic Orchestra and it was MAGICAL. The show we saw was A Midsummer Night's Dream and my company provided us with box seats. It was such a fun night!

Originally, I was stumped as to what to wear for this event, as it was on a Monday evening after work. I wanted to be cute, but still comfortable. This is what I came up with!

Top: Target  |  Plaid: Target  |  Jeans: Forever 21  |  Shoes: Target  |  Necklace: Forever 21  |  Watch: Discovery  |  Belt: Thrifted  |  Bag: Target  |  Hat: H&M
This outfit was comfortable, yet chic. I felt glamorous, but not overdone. We had such a fun date!

Thanks so much for reading!


Black Radiance Review

A couple of people have commented on how glowy my skin looks  lately, so I just had to share my secret! Recently, I've been wearing makeup products by Black Radiance and I have been LOVING it! As many of you know, I don't wear foundation. I have really sensitive skin and anything that feels heavy or cakey makes me break out in hives. So, when I came across this BB Cream, I knew I had to try it.

I'm wearing the Black Radiance BB Cream in the color 8920: Brown Sugar.

The cream is so light and soft, it feels like it's barely there, but provides a light, tinted coverage. Additionally, I've been using their contour palette and I am just as obsessed with it.

This is the Medium to Dark Palette
This contour palette is perfect for day to night looks. It is buildable, so it can work for night looks. However, I will say that the contour is quite light, so it may not give you that full on red carpet glam. BUT, again it is perfect for day to night looks, in my opinion.

Have you tried any Black Radiance products? Let me know in the comments below!


Cold Spring, Warm Tones

I don't know about you guys, but I thoroughly enjoyed the random cold spring days we had in early May. Yes, it's spring and we want warm weather, BUT another opportunity to throw on a chunky knit like this is always legit.

When I saw the colors on this brick wall, I knew it was a perfect spot for photos. Plus the beautiful greenery coupled perfectly with these killer shoes from Forever 21. Seriously, how cute are these?! They're always a conversation starter when I wear them.

Sweater: Thrifted  |  Jeans: Target  |  Shoes: Forever 21  |  Accessories: Charlotte Russe & Discovery

Thank you for reading!



Lately, I've been absolutely loving chokers. It's funny because when this 90's fad started coming back, I rolled my eyes all the way back to 1991 and back. Yet, the more I followed fellow bloggers and fashion icons, they eventually won me over. This is my favorite way to style them: paired with another necklace.

Choker: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Gift from my Honey Dip
Egyptian Ankh Earrings: Local African Boutique
Top: H&M

I know I've been M.I.A., but that's simply because I was finishing up another eight week study on Critical Leadership. It was just as phenomenal as the last. After the study was over, I needed a few weeks to decompress. I'm feeling refreshed and better than ever! Be on the lookout for lots of new things on Unapologetically Pam!


Spring Concert

Happy Friday, loves! This post comes just in time for the weekend. I hope it gives you some springtime inspo :)

I wore this outfit recently to a concert here in Chi-Town. The singer, Shawnee Dez, is just incredible. You'll be hearing a lot more about her soon here on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled for that! For now, I hope you enjoy this quick little ootd.

Top: Charlotte Ruse | Bottoms: Forever 21 | Shoes: Forever 21 | Accessories: Discovery | Belt: Thrifted

This top from Charlotte Russe is actually a dress that I cut into a top. Never be afraid to re-design an old piece that you adore, but that perhaps doesn't fit your style all the way anymore. Changing this dress into a top has been one of my all-time favorite DIY's and this piece is now a favorite in my wardrobe.

Thanks for reading!

What is "Good" - An Eight Week Ethical Study

Early this year, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in an eight week study of ethics. In our philosophical adventure, we focused on the question of what it means to live a good life. Different philosophers have answered this question differently. For some, living a good life means being a good person, having a certain character, or doing the right things for the right reasons. For others it means producing good results, caring for those closest to you, or providing for the good of people you don’t know. 

Then there is the question of what we mean by “right” and “good.” Throughout the study, I wrestled with understanding what is “good.” What does it mean to be a good person? Is it self-sacrifice? Is it more concerned with the well-being of others? Or is it an internal process? Is morality meant to be something that is on display through actions? Or do morals come from a deep interconnection to the greater good of humanity?

Of all the ethical theories we studied, deontology resonated with me the most. What follows below is an excerpt from my final thesis upon completion of our ethical study. Enjoy!

Deontology in Theory
Immanuel Kant would argue that, “The moral worth of an action does not lie in the effect expected from it” (Immanuel Kant, Ethics: The Essential Writings, 198). Instead, he suggests that the “will of a rational human being” acting out of a sense of moral worth and duty is the only “unconditional good” (198). This approach is in stark contrast to some other ethical camps, namely utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is a consequentialist theory that thrives on the outcome that produces the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. Contrary to utilitarianism, deontology focuses on moral duty as universal law, regardless of consequentiality, circumstance, or outcomes. Kant subscribes to the categorical imperative: “never to act otherwise so that I could also will that my maxim should become universal law” (199).

Spoken plainly, with deontology, a rational being does not consider the consequences of an action, only what is morally obligatory. It recognizes that effects such as happiness can be achieved by means outside of the agent’s actions and therefore cannot be used as a measurement for morality. Instead, an agent acts purely out of moral duty. This is the human will – to choose, think, and act voluntarily – to meet a maxim that is universal; if it cannot be applied to every rational human being, then that maxim must be rejected.

Kant offers an example to help simplify deontology as an ethical approach when he speaks on false promises. He poses the question, “May I when in distress make a promise with the intention not to keep it?”(199-200). According to deontology, in this situation, one must ask, is my maxim universal? Essentially, would it be acceptable for any person in a similar circumstance to willfully make a promise that they do not intend to keep?  If yes, then everyone can be deceitful and make false promises when they find themselves in a difficult place. If no, then everyone must only promise what they intend to keep. Now, perhaps you read this and think, “Well, of course, the latter is the obvious, virtuous answer.” Nevertheless, I ask how often do we actually practice this?

Deontology in Action
I did a quick poll on twitter where people could respond anonymously to the question, “How often do you promise to call/text someone knowing that you most likely won’t get back to them?” The answer options were: often, sometimes, never. Remarkably, 80% of the respondents answered “never” while going on to say that they believe that you should never make false promises, while in reality, they do it all of the time. Isn’t that interesting? The immediate response to the poll was “Never!” Yet, many admitted to having done so. Is morality more about how we think we should act, or how we actually act? I suppose that is a different question for a different day…

How should we approach false promises? Are they merely little white lies, told in a moment to spare one’s feelings? Are they useful in the long-run? As an emotional being who frequently considers the happiness of others (often over myself) in the outcome in any situation, the deontological explanation of what is “good” spoke to me most as an ethical approach for experimentation. If I take away the consideration for outcomes, and live only by a categorical imperative, what would happen? Therefore, I decided to put the universal maxim to not make false promises into action.

When I was going through my divorce, I struggled to keep social commitments due to social anxiety. I would often schedule meetings and end up being late or cancelling because the anxiety was too strong. Deontology would assert that I assess the moral implication behind this – is it my intention to keep these appointments? If not, then my maxim to say “yes” to these appointments should be rejected and I should not make any appointments because I do not intend to keep them. And I can determine this by applying universality to it – would it be alright for everyone to schedule social meetings with the intention of being late or cancelling? No. Therefore, the universal maxim should be that we do not make appointments that we do not intend to keep. This is the maxim that I’ve put into practice in my everyday life. 

In my deontological experiment, learning to simply say "no" to an appointment I do not plan to keep has actually proven to be very rewarding. I learned that when I don't make false promises, my social hangouts are always more meaningful. And even more beneficial, I don't struggle with the anxiety that comes with an unfulfilled commitment. Instead, when I am with the people I love, there is joy and laughter rather than any feelings of forced morality.

I find the deontological approach to be very useful and more so in alignment with the moral, ethical reasoning that I hope to have rather than the ethical reasoning by which I always live. In deontology, the universal maxim is the unconditional good. But, I wonder if this universality is devoid of human emotion? For example, if a friend is really struggling and I choose not to speak with them due to anxiety, feelings of guilt could arise. Would it hurt that friend's feelings? Should I even be thinking of that friend's feelings? Deontology would suggest that a consequence such as someone's 'feelings' should not affect your moral reasoning. But, in practice, is this the “good” thing to do? Which, brings me back to my original question. What does it mean to be a good person? Is it self-sacrifice? Or is it more concerned with the well-being of others?

This is the point where I struggle with any absolute approach to ethical reasoning. I am searching for the balance between healthy self-sacrifice for the greater good and personal health. As I briefly mentioned above, with utilitarianism, the idea is that I must sacrifice my own self-interests for the greater good. But that causes some internal tension for me. However, deontology suggests that I, internally, must choose for myself what is right or just, regardless of consequence, regardless of others, based solely on a maxim of universal law. I can ask myself, would it be right for anyone in a similar situation to make this same maxim that I’m making in this moment? If the answer is no, then my maxim is not universal and it must be rejected. However, what if that decision will affect others adversely? And how do I take into consideration their feelings? A deontologist would suggest that those consequences don’t matter while a utilitarian will say only the consequences matter. 

Ultimately, what I’ve learned about myself is that I desire a balance between these two approaches. And if I were to decide on a deontological approach to ethical reasoning, I believe that the best maxim that is also a “good” moral decision is one that is based on honesty rather than false promises or absolutes.

Ethics: The Essential Writings, Ed. Gordon Marino. New York: Modern Library, 2010.

Winter in Spring

Hiiii homies!

Another quick fashion post for you. Here's an outfit I wore on a cold, rainy Sunday in Chicago. I know that the calendar says "spring" but the weather suggests otherwise lol. Oh well, at least I enjoyed my outfit!

These boots from Forever 21 have gotten me through a lot of rainy days. After waterproofing them, I've gotten a lot of wear out of them. And this leather jacket is a must-have for this in-between weather, especially if I want to go for a grungy look like this.

Jacket: Gift
Top: Thrifted
Jeans & Plaid: Target
Boots: Forever 21
I know this one's blurry, but I kinda love how it turned out lol.
Thanks for reading!



One of my dearest friends, Martha, is an absolutely beautiful soul with crazy amazing fashion sense to boot! If you watch our vlogs, you know that hanging out with her is always lit. When Martha, DeMico, and I get together we call outselves "The Trio" hahahaha. I loved the shots we got after brunch on this sunny (yet cold) morning in Chicago. Definitely made me feel like we had paparazzi snapping pics (when really it was DeMico lol!)

My outfit for brunch was super casual, as I wanted to feel comfortable whilst also being full of delicious grub.

Jacket: Thrifted
Shirt: Target
Bottoms: Local Boutique
Shoes: Nordstrom
Necklace: Akira
Watch & Bracelets: Discovery
Sunnies: Forever 21
Also, here's a few snaps of Martha!

Seriously, how cute is she?!

Also, here's my love!

And alas, here is the trio. FYI, this is basically the only good picture we got, as we couldn't stop giggling hahahaha.

Thanks for reading you guys!


PS - Ooooh, also have you seen my new spring beauty video? It's my first makuep video and I'd adore it if you watched it. Love you, mean it!

Spring Beauty for Women of Color

Hi beauties! Welcome back to my blog!

I feel like every post lately has included the phrase "my first ever" which is so very exciting! Unapologetically Pam is rapidly growing and if you scroll through my recent posts, you'll see what I mean.

Today's blog post and video are so very special to me, as it is my first ever beauty collaboration. I have teamed up with several other wonderful bloggers to inspire women of color for spring makeup looks. Melanie, who designed the idea behind this spring beauty collaboration, wanted to encourage women of color to embrace our features and more color during the warmer seasons. We all know that many of us are still fearful of experimenting with different makeup looks. I'm no exception! I stepped out of my comfort zone to try pinks and purples for spring. And it paid off well! Many thanks again to Melanie of Mattes and Metallics for coordinating this collaboration.

I've included 4 lip looks for you to consider in my spring beauty video. Check it out below to get inspired for what lip look you'll be rocking this spring!

On my face:

Black Radiance True Complexion BB Cream in 'Brown Sugar'

Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette in 'Medium to Dark'
Covergirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Concealer in 'Golden'
L'Oreal True Match Powder in 'C8: Cocoa'
Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in '843E: Berry Shimmer'
Clinique High Impact Mascara in 'Black'

Lip Look #1:
Milani - Black Cherry
NK - 997 Violet

Lip Look #2
L.A. Colors Liner - Brown
Just Kolour Matte Lip Cream - 05 Chocolate

Lip Look #3
Milani - Teddy Bare
BH Cosmetics Day & Night Eye Shadow Palette - Hot Pink
Just Kolour Matte Lip Cream - 05 Chocolate

Lip Look #4
Sane products as #3
Milani - Black Cherry

And that's it! I hope that you're inspired to try some new lippies this spring. Leave me a comment below and let me know your favorite spring lip looks!

Also, here's the entire roundup of beautiful bloggers. Be sure to check out the amazing spring beauty posts by these incredible ladies for more spring inspiration!

Melanie, Mattes and Metallics

D, D. Genell

Brittny, Brittny Kindred

Christina, Style to the T

XayLi, The XayLi Show

DeAndrea, A Sister's Crown

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