A Silent Prayer

8:13 AM

8:13 A.M.

Do you hear, God?
The blood of my people cry out to you
as you did Abel?

Do you hear, God?
Centuries of black blood flowing in the streets...

Do you expect silent compliance,
a blind faith,
a stand still and wait for vengeance?

Are you there God?
For my future black babies.
For my brother.
For my husband.
For ME?

Are you there, God?
Do you hear, God?

10:13 A.M.
God, are you listening? 
Do you hear us? 
Me? My brothers? My sisters? 
Does your heart break with mine? 
Will you rise in action with us? 

Oh, God, do you hear?

3:13 P.M.
I am hurting.
I am tired.
How much more fight must we give?
How much more blood must we shed?

I fall into silent waiting.
The only sound is my heart beating, beating, beating.
But for how long?

How much longer does my heart, in all its blackness, have to beat?

Oh, God, do you hear that too?

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