Crossing Bridges

8:11 AM

We've all heard the phrase "I'll cross that bridge when I get to it." We have probably even used it ourselves at some point or another. There are times when this phrase is useful, because it allows us to focus on what's happening in the present rather than worrying about the distant future. Even more so, sometimes we don't even get to that bridge that caused us so much concern and anxiety.

But then again, sometimes we do get there...

And then, what happens when you get to that bridge? Do you turn and hide? Or do you take a deep breath, take the first step even though you're scared, and cross it? I prefer the latter.

The truth is, life happens and you won't always be ready for it. You won't always be certain of that bridge when it comes. Is it safe? Is it stable? Is it even the right bridge? And when I cross it, what's on the other side?

I've crossed many bridges. The bridge of healing from abuse. The bridge of separation. The bridge of divorce. The bridge of purpose. The bridge of trusting myself. The bridge of learning to love myself. Quite frankly, I saw so many bridges over the last five years that I was afraid my weary legs couldn't bear to cross another. And yet I did. And you can, too.

When challenges arise, it's tough to cross that bridge. But it's worth it. Especially when the view on the other side is like this one.

Once I crossed this bridge, I found a beautiful local art exhibit and gorgeous outdoor scenery.

Dress: Wet Seal  |  Shoes: H&M  |  Sunnies: Hollywood Blvd. in Cali

Whatever bridge you're facing right now, I encourage you to cross it. Do it scared, do it shaken, but do it, all the same.

Because sometimes, bridges are worth crossing.


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