March Favorites

2:01 PM

Hello, friends! Happy spring!

Today's post is one I'm super excited about because I've just posted my first ever FAVORITES VIDEO! Eeeeeeek!!

There are some things that have become staples in my life as of late, so I was inspired to make this video and join in on the Favorites trend. Watch the video below:

Here are the links I mentioned in the video, as well.
➥ The Other Woman, Eric Jerome Dickey

These are the only one's I could find online, most of the items aren't available in store anymore *sigh* BUT, that only inspires you to go find some treasures of your own right, right? Right :)

What have you been loving so far this year? I'd love to know. Leave me a comment or drop me a line on instagram or twitter.

Love you, mean it. *cyber-high-five*
Pam :)

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