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Happy Wednesday to all you blog lovers out there in the world!

Today's post comes after a much-needed hiatus to celebrate love over the weekend with my Honey Dip (check out our vlog here if you haven't seen it!). I'm feeling refreshed and I'm very excited to share this collaboration with local Chicago photographer Nancy Valladolid.

If I could sum up Nancy in one word, it would be extraordinary. She's sweet, yet determined and passionate. And she knows how to partner with your vision, while simultaneously making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. On the day we did this shoot, I had a particularly bad migraine and it was collld in the Windy City, but her encouragement kept me laughing and motivated.
Top: Wet Seal
Bottoms: H&M
Plaid: Target
Boots: Target
Accessories: Akira & Discovery
She's a game changer, too! Her vision goes beyond taking beautiful photographs. Her heart is much deeper than that. She looks to partner with young artists, couples, entrepreneurs, families, non-profits, etc. to capture their vision in a digital format.

In short, her fire ignites your fire! She's amazing to be around and I'm honored to call her my dear friend. If you want to get in contact with her, here is her Facebook page and website!

PS - Please excuse the lint on my shirt lollll. As I mentioned, it was freezing and I had my big fuzzy scarf on before the photo shoot hahahaha.

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Hump Day!

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