Style File - A Week in My Wardrobe

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Hey yall!

After my weight loss blog post, I had lots of questions about clothing. The main two were:
1) Where do you shop?
2) How do you "dress for your body type" on a daily basis?

Well, I'm certainly no expert. I'm learning as I go along just like everyone else, but I figured I'd try a different kind of post that might help.

Introducing, the "Style File" series. The first installment is essentially a lookbook, but not the kind I've done in the past where we scouted locations & had a lot of fun doing "photo shoots" with glamorous hair and makeup (see here, for example). Instead, this one is simply a week in my everyday wardrobe. I'm not a fashion blogger, I have no professional camera/photographer. These are pictures I took in the morning in my bathroom with my cell phone. No photoshop, no shoes I can't actually walk in, no gimmicks. Plain and simple. Also, I work in a super casual environment, so if you work in the corporate might wanna save these ideas for the weekend.


Starting the week off right! 
Dress - Target
Wedges - Target (on sale for $7!)


Power Monday with a classic white & black outfit.
Top - H & M
Shorts - Walmart (Old)
Shoes - Forever 21
Blazer - Target


It was a rainy day and I had meetings all morning. So, naturally, I pulled out the knee-highs lol.
Top - Target
Skirt - Charlotte Russe
Socks - Local beauty supply store
Shoes - Target


Hump Day!
Top - Forever 21
Jeans - Forever 21
Shoes - Payless


Thursday's are long, yet fun days, so I went for a relaxed but put-together look.
Top - Target
Jeans - Forever 21
Belt - thrifted
Shoes - Target
Purse - Target


Casual Friday yall. 
Top - Wet Seal
Belt - Asos
Jeans - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Payless


Winding down from a busy week!
Top - Wet Seal
Belt - thrifted
Shorts - DIY Cutoffs from some old jeans
Headband - Wet Seal

That's it! I hope this post gives you some ideas or helps in some way. Particularly, you can see the places I shop frequently. Most importantly, while I'm no stylist, I've put a lot of work into finding clothes that flatter my shape. Sometimes, I don't always get it right. Some days I feel frumpy. I'm a work in progress, as we all are.

Every "Style File" will most likely not be a week's worth of OOTD's. Perhaps I'll do an outfit for a specific event or an outing with friends. But, it will always be pretty organic and simple (not a photoshoot set-up), as I want this to be an "every day girl" kind of series. I won't do these weekly (again, not a fashion blogger) but, I'll try to do this kind of post at least a few times a year.

Thanks for reading!

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