Series of Thankfulness: UCA

11:29 AM

UCA provided me with an outstanding undergraduate career. I was involved with many things, the most memorable being French, the Conway Animal Shelter (puppies! ♥), S.U.A.A.W., NAACP, and Phi Alpha Theta. Those groups were so meaningful to me.

Most importantly, however, I have to acknowledge my academic department, the History Department. It was just so amazing to have a group of people who believe in your ability to succeed as a student. And not only believe, but come to expect the best from you. And to deliver that to them on every test and every paper and every discussion was my goal. In the end, I came out with a group of professors I am particularly close to, but, in addition to them, an entire department, professors that I never had or whom I didn't get the opportunity to get as close to but whom I admire, appreciate, and respect just the same, that believe in me. I left knowing that I have an entire department that I can go back to for advice and encouragement in my academic career. They gave me such a high honor upon graduating, as the Outstanding History Student of the Year. Amazing. AMAZING. I am so grateful for my experience there and would not trade it for anything! I'm looking forward to sharing my future with them. I hope to make you all proud! ♥

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