The Semester is Over!

11:35 AM

I survived my first semester of grad school, hoo-ray! This semester was particularly challenging for me. Being out of school for a few years, you don't realize how easy it is to lose your touch. I had to re-learn study habits, un-fog my brain from years of television and leisure novels, and figure out how to properly discuss my thoughts on our readings for class.

Including work for my research papers, I read a total of 73 books over the last 4 months, plus articles and other sources. In addition to that, I also was going back through my old Early America and Modern Europe notes (thanks Dr. Foote & Dr. Jones) to remember what the heck was happening for each time period. I did all of this while balancing (or attempting to balance) house work, church, and my 2 jobs...when I look back on it, I think to my the heck did I survive?

Really, it's quite simple. You make time for what you care about. Cleaning my house actually is very relaxing to me. I put my hair up, jam out to some great music, and run around like a mad-woman for a few hours. The end result can't be beat: a clean house, Christmas lights, pecan pie scented candles, and a happy Pam. And, finally, my two jobs are incredibly enjoyable. I love my work (and colleagues) at St. Pauls and the students I work with on campus at Loyola are so inspiring and awesome. Plus, I actually really enjoyed my studies this semester. So, at the end of the day, why should I complain?

So, the end result is that I'm smiling and happy. Life's good. And the break is much needed. However, I must say that since my creativity has been sparked with all the reading and writing I've done, it's difficult to turn it off...with that being said, be prepared to be flooded with blog posts and photos. In advance, you're welcome :)

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  1. Yay, BaBa! I'm very proud of you and everything that you have accomplished. This is no surprise to me ladies and gentlemen, Pamela Johnson Watson is simply brilliant. :)

    -With Love
    Big Brother

  2. This is so awesome Pam!! Proud of you!!


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