What Consistency Taught Me

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I watched March Madness for the first time two years ago 🏀

For context, I grew up in an NBA-loving household. Game days were family time. We would gather around that old 1990s tv set (I'm pretty sure this is the exact model we had) to cheer and laugh and cry. I learned to love sports by watching them with my family. 

Yet, I never really got into college sports until recently. In 2022, after the NFL season ended, DeMico and I were looking for some sports entertainment to fill our Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays in the absence of football. He asked me, "Do you want to watch March Madness?"

I loved it! I was so impressed with the discipline, courage, and work ethic of these young athletes. To have one of the biggest moments in your college career play out in real time in front of millions of people is not for the faint-hearted. I left that season (proud and cheering for South Carolina!) hooked and ready for the next one.

Since March Madness 2022, I've cultivated a discipline practice of my own. That summer, I got sick with COVID for the third time in three years (sigh) and I knew I needed to make a change. I met with my doctor to make a plan for building my immune system, and part of that plan was to move my body more consistently. To expand my lungs and grow its strength back post-COVID to support me in fending off illness. I'm not gonna lie to yall - I was nervous. Sure, I worked out. But he was talking about daily workouts, especially cardio. Could I do that? Did I have the discipline? Could I have that discipline consistently?

It's been almost two years since then, and I'm proud to say that the answer is yes! I consistently meet my cardio goals weekly, monthly, and annually. The goal has not been to change my body, but to increase my body's capacity. My body has grown - physically and mentally - because of this discipline. I am more present with myself. I can move with more ease. I can trust my body and my body can trust me. 

"Discipline taught me that I can do hard things and consistency taught me I can do those things long-term."

It has not always been easy. Just like South Carolina after that winning 2022 season, I have had some setbacks and some major comebacks (come on undefeated 2024 champs!!!). Today, I'm proud to say that discipline and consistency have been a worthwhile investment.

Yall know I no longer believe in before and after pictures. I have none. Instead, I just have my current joy, shared in a photo from vacation recently below. Wherever you might need some consistency in your life, I hope you find it. Slow and steady, friends. You're worth it and I believe in you.


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