Summer Look Book Part 2

11:33 AM

Bonjour, mes amis!!

Here's part 2 of my summer look book and this one is a little more sexy. This look is great for going out with the girls or dancing with your significant other. Or you can combine the two dates like I do and get a huge group together along with your significant other to go dancing and whatnot. It's your choice!

This dress is super sexy and slimming. The color is also very "in trend" right now if you care about that sort of thing. I just love that it's a bodycon dress, so it still gives me the ability to move freely.

Side view!

And here's a little back view for ya!

And, just a little tip, these shoes (although they are wedges) are not very comfortable, so you may want to consider some of these babies right here for the balls of your feet. 

And this is probably my favorite photo from this look. Gotta love a candid shot.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for Part 3 

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