There is Beauty and There is Darkness

11:24 AM

I have been mostly Silent. Still. Breathing. Being.

Every time I thought to post on instagram or my blog about the state of our world, my heart said no. There are thousands of think pieces. Hundreds of thousands of news articles. Millions of opinions. Helpful resources and harmful guides. Healthy debates about healthcare and politics and capitalism. And misguided propaganda about the same.

People are scared. Hurting. Isolated. Angry.

People are also resilient. Singing from balconies. Getting married. Having babies. Working from home with their pets. Going to work out of necessity (thank you). Caring for their neighbors. Donating to causes they believe in. Connecting in new ways. Home schooling. Remote learning. Innovating. 

The earth is changing. Her waters are clearing. Skies are endless. Snowflakes are falling. Waves are crashing. It is awe-inspiring and sometimes terrifying. Gratifying.

There is Beauty and There is Darkness. 

Humanity is shifting. The world is spinning. Hope and hopelessness are at war with one another. Evolution and stagnation. Joy and fear.

And I have been mostly 
Silent. Still. Breathing. Being

In all that is happening, I hope you are well. I hope your heart is open. I hope you are connected. I hope you are helping. I hope you are present. I hope you have moments of healthy silence. I hope you are Still. Breathing. Being. And I hope you have Peace in the Time of Coronavirus ❤

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