Places #1

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Hey blog lovers!

I'm starting a new segment called "places" on le blog. There are so many places (restaurants, museums, coffee shops, etc) here in Chicagoland that I absolutely adore and I realized that I've never really shared any of those. I always take photos of my food/adventures (because the two go hand in hand, duh!) so I figured, why not start to share them here? So, here goes!

Places #1 - "Chill Bubble Tea"

DeMico and I ventured out to Skokie recently and found this cute little bubble tea spot in the Village Crossing mall area (7154 Carpenter Road). We absolutely love bubble tea, so when we saw this place, we had to jump in.

First thing that caught my eye: the decor. The wallpaper was a beautiful pastel color with words serving as the design - "peace" "chill"  "drink"  "think" all added to the atmosphere.

But I was mostly obsessed with their swing seats! Yes, these swings are there for your sitting enjoyment. They don't swing back and forth, but how cool is this? And there are flowers in the handles. I was in love!

The bubble tea itself was just as good as the swings! I tried the purple oreo and DeMico got the milk tea. Both were amazing, but I have to say, mine won the night!

We enjoyed our time in Skokie together and Chill Bubble Tea was a great way to end the evening. Bonus: the music was BUMPING! The radio was jammin' out all of the latest hip-hop tunes. They even had some old school stuff in there, which was dope. We will definitely be back to "Chill" yo!

Side note: I loved my makeup and outfit for our date night. So here are some extra photos.

I went for a dark blue smoky eye look. I'm no makeup guru, so I was quite pleased with how this turned out.

I also added a slight cat eye to complete the eyes and plum lips. This was a great fall combo!

Denim - thrifted
Crop Top - Wet Seal
Leggings - Local Boutique
Purse - Target (super old)

And I just had to add this one in because I look like a 90's dream! lol
Thanks for reading my first installment of "Places" !!! 

I'll see you soon.


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