She's Not You

3:41 PM

He saw a woman. From behind, she looked just like you. Smooth, beautiful skin. An hourglass figure in a sexy black dress and red heels. She held a drink in her hands as she chatted with a friend at the bar. The conversation must have been pleasurable, as she threw her head back and laughed.

That laugh...her haunted him. Could it be? He hadn't expected to see her here in Memphis.

He approached the bar cautiously and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and the resemblance took his breath away. Her face looked just like yours. Almond shaped brown eyes, a cute button nose, with a dazzling white smile. For a moment, he was speechless.

"Yes?" She said, her amusement showing in her face at his silence.

"I'm sorry," he stammered, "you look just like...someone I used to know..."

She laughed once more. That laugh took him back to 10 years ago when he first approached you in college. His palms were sweaty now, just as they had been then.

"Can...can I buy you a drink?" He finally asked after an awkward silence.

She studied his face...he was handsome, without a doubt. He had strong features, a tapered beard, beautiful lips...yet, his piercing grey eyes displayed a hint of sadness.

"Sure..." She replied.

They spent the evening talking about life. She was almost as lively as you were...yet, there was something missing. She was filled with laughter, but not joy. Pretty...but she did not have your beauty. She was a bit too wild...and there was something disingenuous about her that he couldn't quite identify.

Yet, when she asked if he wanted to get out of the bar together, he obliged.

In her apartment, he watched her undress. Her body was lovely...but wasn't quite yours. Her skin was soft, yet not as velvety as he remembered yours to be. The evening he spent with her was fun...but not magical. And as he lay beside her, staring at her after all was said and done, he sighed.

For after all...she could never be you.

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