Reviews & Interviews for No Unpaid Passengers:

"My soul was truly touched by the author's honesty and ability to convey such raw emotions in such beautiful words." 

review of No Unpaid Passengers by Pam R. Johnson Davis by K.C. Finn, USA Today Bestselling Author

"Author Pam Johnson Davis sheds light on the dark moments with new book" 

interview for No Unpaid Passengers by Pam R. Johnson Davis with The Chicago Tribune

"With her experimental structures combined with the personal touch of her verses, Pam R. Johnson Davis pens some mesmerizing poems that will pull at your heartstrings and leave you with a sense of emotional catharsis as only top-tier poetry can." 

review of No Unpaid Passengers by Pam R. Johnson Davis by Pikasho Deka, Book Critic

"Johnson Davis writes unapologetically, with passion, clarity and a healing touch." 

book announcement of No Unpaid Passengers by Pam R. Johnson Davis on Digital Journal

"No Unpaid Passengers is able to operate as a book of revelation, showing readers the pervasive connectivity of the human experience: what you go through, someone else has gone through, and what you feel, someone else has felt." 

review of No Unpaid Passengers by Pam R. Johnson Davis by Literary Titan

"Pam R. Johnson Davis is profoundly honest in the way she writes and the emotion genuinely transcends the page and smashes through the glass ceiling that no person of color built for themselves." 

review of No Unpaid Passengers by Pam R. Johnson Davis by Asher Syed on Readers Favorite

Reviews & Interviews for Seasons (I'll Be Seeing You):

"Clear, compelling, and beautifully written." 

review of Seasons (I'll Be Seeing You) by Pam R. Johnson Davis by Karen Walpole on Readers' Favorite

"An unapologetic showing of a talented, multifaceted, emotional, loving, grieving, relatable Black woman." 

interview about Seasons (I'll Be Seeing You) by Pam R. Johnson Davis with Vocalo

"The poems in Davis’s anthology have all the impact of the rising action and climax of a full-fledged novel." 

review of Seasons (I'll Be Seeing You) by Pam R. Johnson Davis with Literary Titan


"The Book of Numbers" - a poem about health & Blackness

featured in Rise Up Review

"Marsha P. Johnson Visits Me as I Dream" - a golden shovel poem

featured in MixedMag

"Loss" - a poem about mourning that honors the ancestors

featured in Juxtaprose

"The Blessing of Two Bodies" - a poem about intimacy

featured in Gutslut Press

"What Can a Poem Be?" - a poem that invites you to re-imagine poetry

performed for TEDxChicago in October 2021

"The Tree and The Hummingbird" - a poem about mental health

performed live for the NAMI Chicago "Light the Darkness" Gala April 2021.

"Seeing the Real Her" - a re-imagination of my Grandmother after her passing

featured in All My Relations

"over there." - a poem about Blackness

featured in Square Wheel Press

"Lessons from Math Class" - a poem about Black adolescence

featured in Oyster River Pages

"Don't Tell Mama I'm Turning A New Leaf" - a poem about southern sweet tea

featured in Tether's End

"Ode to the Dells" - a poem about nature

featured in TunaFish Journal

"Meditation" and "the first time i heard silence" - poems about mental health

featured in Mental Realness Magazine's "A Very Real Christmas"

"Annulment" - a poem about divorce

featured in The Bitchin' Kitsch Volume 12, Issue 1

"Making Scents" - a poem about infidelity

featured in Ghost Heart Literary Magazine

"One Year, Twelve Days" - a poem about family estrangement

featured in Ghost Heart Literary Magazine

"Hood Nationalism" - a poem about white supremacy

featured in Ghost Heart Literary Magazine

A Live Poetry Reading by Pam R. Johnson Davis

featured for Wednesday Night Poetry

"What Will They Say? (The Truth Is)" 

by Pam Johnson on The Poetry and Me Daily


"Wish You Were Here"

by Pam R. Johnson Davis on all digital streaming platforms

"Call Home" the debut solo album

by Pam R. Johnson Davis on all digital streaming platforms

"Christmastime Is Here"

by Paper Cranes on YouTube




"Encounters and Crossings: The Ambiguity of African American Identity"

by Pam Johnson on The Lakefront Historian


"No Unpaid Passengers"

a conversation with Aisha Beau & Pam Johnson Davis

"Writing as a Form of Healing"

featured on the Re-Written Podcast

"Finding My Humanity in the Windy City"

"Showing Up Truthfully and Unapologetically"

Features & Interviews for Unapologetically Pam

"The Core of Who I Am" - an Interview with Pam R. Johnson Davis

featured in Freedom Revamped

"29 Black Bloggers Making a Statement"

by Michaela on A Dash of Michaela

"Interview with Unapologetically Pam"

by Courtney with Pam Johnson on So Beauty Marked

"Divorcees’ Guide and Inspiration for Valentine’s Day Inspiration"

featuring quotes by Pam Johnson on DivorceForce

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