Get ready to hit the open road with a new feel-good song from Pam R. Johnson Davis, produced by Mico Davis. Streaming now on all platforms.

No Unpaid Passengers imagines the first three decades of the author's life as a long train ride where she takes readers on a journey from thought to thought and memory to memory while letting the people, places, and things that have been extra baggage off at various stops along the way. Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle editions.

A holida-ish single for the longing heart ♥ Wish You Were Here is now 
streaming now on all digital platforms.

Pam's debut solo album Call Home is comprised of original music & poems that she describes as "a love story to myself, and to you." Streaming now on all digital platforms.

Divorce. Homelessness. Job Loss. Healing. Love. Redemption.
Pam Johnson Davis' award-winning first poetry collection became a bestseller in 2020.
Available on Amazon Kindle & Paperback. Purchase here.

Paper Cranes' second single "LOVELY" is available now on all streaming platforms! Simply search "lovely paper cranes" or click here.

Paper Cranes' 1st single "LaLa" debuted Lollapalooza Weekend 2019! You can stream by searching "lala paper cranes" on all streaming platforms or click here.

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