Pam R. Johnson Davis

Pam R. Johnson Davis is an award-winning writer, singer, historian, and educator residing in Chicago, IL. She began blogging under the pseudonym "Unapologetically Pam" in 2016 to document her journey to becoming herself, unapologetically. Having been listed as one of the "29 Black Bloggers Making a Statement" by A Dash of Michaela after her blogging debut, her work as a writer and poet has been featured on many sites, such as The Lakefront Historian, Ghost Heart Literary Magazine, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, and DivorceForce (an online community for healing from divorce).

Her first book, "Seasons (I'll Be Seeing You): A collection of poems about heartbreak, healing, and redemption" debuted at the #1 spot for New Releases in African-American Poetry and Women's Poetry Worldwide on Amazon in June 2020. Seasons (I'll Be Seeing You) received many accolades, including the Best Urban Poetry Book Award at American Book Fest in August 2020 and the 2021 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal in Poetry. Pam was selected to give a TED Talk at TEDxChicago called "Where do you find your poetry?" in October 2021 based on her popular open letter, "Anybody Can Write a Poem."

Pam's first solo album Call Home was released on October 1st, 2021 and is comprised of original poetry and music that she describes as “a love letter to herself and to you.” The poems featured in Call Home were written after Pam’s first book, with two being previously published in literary magazines. Call Home also features Pam’s first ever solo music releases, a lifelong dream of hers as an artist. Her song "Soul" from Call Home won RnB Track of the Month at Tracks Music Awards in November 2021 and Best American Roots Song at the One Earth Awards in December 2021. In January 2022, Call Home as a body of work was awarded bronze medals in the "Best Emerging Artist" and "Best Lyrics/Songwriting" categories at the Global Music Awards. After the success of Call Home, Pam's holiday single "Wish You Were Here" was highly praised, with Grotesquelizer describing her singing as having "atmospheric delivery."

In 2022, she began to dabble in film, with her poem "Between Air & Breath" from Call Home being selected for a short film that is currently in development. A video performance of Pam's mental health poem "The Tree and The Hummingbird" was officially selected to two film festivals - The Queens Underground Film Festival in New York and The Raleigh Film Festival in North Carolina, where she was named one of The Best Talents of 2022. 

Her highly anticipated second poetry anthology, No Unpaid Passengers, was released on September 1st, 2022 to critical acclaim, with USA Today Bestselling Author K.C. Finn remarking, “My soul was truly touched by the author's honesty and ability to convey such raw emotions in such beautiful words.” No Unpaid Passengers was honored as the Gold Book Award Winner for Best Poetry Collection through Literary Titan a few months after its release.

Pam holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in History and currently serves as the Director of Student Support for a national education nonprofit. Unapologetically Pam has evolved into an online platform that seeks to explore, understand, and uplift the experiences of ambitious, healing women who are on their journey of wellness. Pam continues to document her intention to live in unapologetic freedom so that she might help others become themselves, unapologetically.

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